2.16.12 - Eleven Months Old

Our little man is eleven months old!  It's hard to believe that we are only one month from his birthday!  Something about eleven months just seems so grown up...and growing up is what he is doing!  He become more and more his own little person each day.  We can almost definitely say that his personality seems to favor me.  He is NOT quiet and is EXTREMELY active and definitely has a will - a very strong one!  
Although the days are exhausting and sometimes tough, we fall more and more in love with Cale everyday.  We are thankful to the Lord for entrusting us with this little boy!

So, what has Cale been doing this month?

He's pulling up on EVERYTHING, standing on his own (until he realizes he's doing it) and cruising around.  Up until last week, he had no motivation to walk.  This week, he seems to be a bit more interested in the idea of walking, so we might have a walker sooner rather than later.

Just cruising from one thing to the other...

"What, mom?  I'm just playing with the blinds..."

"Wow!  I can reach a whole section of my room when I climb on top of my chair!"

"I think I need to see the lion picture up close!"

Balls are is favorite toy right now.  Any size.  Any color.

Books are his second favorite "toy".  
He LOVES to go from book to book and flip through all of the pages.

This is a classic Cale look.  Whenever he is concentrating or trying to figure something out, he sticks his tongue out like this.

He is a great eater!  He will eat ANYTHING we give him - except carrots. :)  We picked up take-out the other night from a Mediterranean restaurant last week, and gave him some Falafel.  Of course, he loved it!

A few weeks ago, we flew to Kansas City for the last time before my parents move to Dallas.  Cale was able to spend some time with Aunt Cookie (my sister, Courtney) and Honey (my mom), which he loved.  He ADORES them!  The plane ride was a little tough, as he is just so active and wants to be on the floor (yuck!), crawling around.  All I have to say is that I feel so bad for the flight attendants that had to clean the plane after we got off...there were goldfish and cheerios everywhere!  Oops!

Cale was ready to board the plane, equipped with our tickets, toys, and sippy cup!

We had a little treat in KC - Cale rode FORWARD in his car seat!  We have not turned his car seat around yet, but while we were in Kansas City, we let him face forward and he LOVED it.  We'll turn him forward for good on March 16th - what a birthday treat!

While we were in KC, I decided that Cale needed another haircut (this would be his 4th), so we went to a place that specialized in children's haircuts.  When we got there, the only seat available was in a PINK jeep.  Cale's face is priceless.  "Mom.  Really?  Pink?"

He was very curious about the cape they put on him!

Cale is not only very active when he is awake, but also when he is asleep!  It is hard to see in this picture (it's a picture of the video monitor), but he was sleeping sitting up, leaning against the corner of his crib.  Often, he will go bed facing one way in his bed and by morning be the opposite direction.  I feel sorry for anyone who has to share a bed with him at sleepovers when he is older! :)

We have had great weather in Dallas this winter, which has allowed us to spend a lot of time outside.  Last week, Adam taught Cale some football basics...

Cale loves to go on walks in his "blue car".  He has started to put his hands down along the side to touch the grass as we stroll by, and has also started to collect sticks on our walks...

He loves getting to "help" walk Mickelson....

Last month, I purchased a Groupon for a six-week Gymboree class.  It was a GREAT deal, and without knowing what the weather would be like, I thought this would give us a great opportunity to get out of the house and let Cale burn off some energy.  Last week we went to the first class, and it was so much fun!  Cale loved it...well, he loved the gym, but he wasn't so interested in participating in the class.  He was much more interested in exploring around the gym than doing the activities that ALL of the other children were doing.  After several failed attempts of trying to get him to do what the class instructor was doing with groups, I let him take off and explore...

"Mom, I want out of this parachute!  I have so much more I have to check out!"

we can't wait to see you continue to grow in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man. You make us so happy and we love watching you learn new things.  You are such a bundle of energy and a little explorer - we love how you keep us on our toes!