The Hibernating Months of 2014 (January - March)

Well, here I am again!  I thought that since we're beginning the last three months of 2013, it would be a good time to blog about the previous 9 months.  Ha!  This is not how I intended my blog to be, but life has been busy and blogging has taken a backseat.  But, since this is our family "scrapbook", I don't want to slack too much!  

So, starting with January...

Cale enjoyed his little sister, especially as she has started spending more time awake.  He is the sweetest big brother, and loves holding her, giving her hugs and kisses, and including her in all he does.  His intentions are mostly good, but Libby is learning to be tough at an early age, since sometimes Cale is not so discerning when it comes to gentleness. :)

Cale has always been interested in sports, since he could walk and talk, really.  He got a bat and a helmet to play baseball and so that has become his sport of the moment.  He has some great hand-eye coordination, foregoing the tee and hitting the ball when Adam pitches.  Pretty impressive, I must say!

One warmer day at the end of February, we took a trip to the zoo with some friends.  Cale loved it, and Libby slept through it all.

In early March, Cale helped Adam with a sand table project.  He had the best time helping his Daddy with the tools!

Cale loves playing "check-up" and Libby has been his most frequent patient.  Little sister problems.

His sweet little friend, Emma, has also been a patient.

I had always heard that when all the baby toys come out again, the older children love the toys almost more than the baby.  This has been the case at our house.  One day, I went in to grab something, and when I came back outside, this is how I found Cale.

We took a trip to Chuck E. Cheese with some friends one day.  Cale bypassed most of the toys that were age appropriate, and went straight for the guitar to rock out!

This was a typical weekend day in our house...sometimes the walls began to close in! :)

One of my favorite memories... both babies, snuggled in my bed, with winter weather outside.  
I love these moments.

So, there is a recap of our winter months...onto the Spring!



Well, it finally happened, and all on his own.  Cale decided he was ready to use the big potty, and just like that - Cale is potty trained.  Who knew it could be so easy.  It's all about waiting until THEY are ready!

We spent a few days at home, just to make sure he had mastered it, and Cale made me some delicious lunch.

Gotta love that bottom in those big boy pants!