JBF Dallas Consignment Sale - I am hooked!

Right after Cale was born, I had a friend tell me about some consignment sales in Dallas.  I went last fall, feeling very reluctant and not sure what to expect.  I have to admit, I am not a fan of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, or any store where I have to wade through clothing racks.  Don't get me wrong...I love their prices, but sometimes the effort is not worth it to me.  I guess I can justify shopping at the Gap or other stores that I might spend a little more money at, because chances are, I'll be able to wear the outfit several times over the course of several months or even years.  Because Cale is a growing boy, he grows out of clothes so quickly!  It is so hard for me to spend money on clothes for him, knowing that he will be out of them after 3-4 wears, and there is no guarantee that we will have another little boy to pass those clothes down to.  Anyway,  I had very low expectations about the consignment sale I went to, knowing that it would probably be a gigantic version of a TJ Maxx type shopping event.  I will say that I did peg it correctly.  It is very much like shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but WAY better, in my opinion.  I went to the consignment sale called Just Between Friends, in Plano.  I had signed up as a "First Time Mom" (meaning I had a child less than 1), so I got to shop before it was open to the public.  I was in awe/shock over the amount of STUFF there.  Everything from furniture to toys to clothes to shoes to baby baths, and anything else you could possibly imagine was there.  I found so many cute clothes for Cale and basically got his entire fall/winter wardrobe for $100.  After that, I was hooked.   

So, this week is the Spring JBF sale.  I discovered that if I consigned any items (even just one), I could get in a day before the sale was open to the public and even before the "First Time Moms".  Since things fly off the shelves pretty quickly, I wanted to have the best opportunity I could to get the good stuff!  Yesterday, I took my consignment items (which I will make money off of by the end of the week) and dropped them off.  Today, I got to go shop.  I went straight for all the polo items and ended up with over 80% of my purchase being polo gear.  I was able to get 12-18mo clothes and complete Cale's summer/early fall wardrobe for a grand total of $84!  I also got a few toys that I had been eyeing in the store.  Amazing!  Below are pictures of a few of my favorite things that I found!!

 This is a wooden ALEX car track with 4 cars that flip down the ramp.  Cale loves it!  I saw it for $50 in the store...I got it at JBF for $5!

Cale loves music, so I've been wanting to get him something like this for a while.  They are not too expensive in the store...around $15.  I got it for $5.

These are PRECIOUS brown sandals, that have very sturdy soles.  Great for when Cale begins walking.  They have only been worn once and cost the seller $20.  I got them for $4.

This is a RL Polo shirt and 18mo RL Polo Navy Slacks.  Love them.  
The shirt was $6 and the pants were $4.

I got all four of these shorts for $10.  Two of them are boutique brand!

I LOVE these outfits!  A blue/white checked RL Polo button down with Gap Chocolate Brown Cargo shorts...Total: $10.  Yellow RL Polo shirt with Bowen Shorts....Total: $11

And my very favorite item of all times - rompers!  The middle one is RL Polo and really thin - great for summertime in Dallas.  Total for all 3 ropers: $11. 

I think I'm officially a consignment junkie!  I am addicted!


3.16.12 - Twelve Months Old! Cale's 1 Year Stats

Well, I've posted everything about Cale's birthday except for his stats and the things he is doing these days...so, here we go!

Length:  31.5" (90th%)
Weight: 23.8lbs (50-75th%)
Head Circumference (50-75%)

Cale has learned a lot of new things this month.
He loves to clap!  He gets so excited about it.  The picture below of him clapping.  Of course, one of our babysitters, Lydia, took this...he was soooo happy!  He does love her!

Cale is pushing toys and cruising along everything, but has yet to take steps on his own.  Our cautious boy wants to make sure he is securely holding something before he takes steps!

He understands so much of what we say.  He gets excited when we talk about going outside or swinging.  He has started to throw a fit if we come inside before he is ready, or if we take something away that he wants to play with.  He has become sneaky, by cutting his eyes over us before touching something that we've told him not to touch.  He says, "Uh Oh", "Ball" & "Book".  We have a CD call "Hide 'Em In Your Heart", which are Bible verses put to music.  There is one song that says, "God loves a cheerful giver, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  Now, when Cale hears the song, or when someone sings the first part, he will start bouncing and saying, "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha"...it melts my heart!  

He truly is becoming such a big boy!


Cale's Birthday Weekend!

Well, it's official.  We have a one year old!  I can't even believe it.  Throughout the weekend, I would flashback to a year ago in the hospital and remember (as much as I could, since I was a little loopy after my c-section!) all of the events that happened in Cale's first three days of life.  My dad commented on how fast this year had gone, and I had to agree, but I vividly remember several days that didn't zoom by.  Whoever said, "The days are long and the years are short", said it right!  Although there were some long days this year, it really did fly by!  If all of Cale's years fly by like this one did, then I need time to stop....seriously. 

Friday morning, we woke up and took Cale to the Original Pancake House for a little birthday breakfast.  He loves their "Baby Cakes".  Afterwards, we came home and Cale took his morning nap, while Adam and I got ready for the day.  When we woke up, we met my parents at Eatzi's for lunch and then headed to Lakeside Park to feed the ducks.  Cale could not get enough of the ducks.  He was completely enamored by them!   

 Watching all the ducks...

 Feeding the ducks with Daddy!

 Soooo sweet.

 Some of the bread went in the ducks mouth....some of it went in Cale's mouth.

 Cale loves spending time with "Chief"!

After a full afternoon with the ducks, we headed home for Cale's afternoon nap.  My parents came over for dinner that night, and Cale opened a few presents, while my dad and Adam put together his big birthday presents in the backyard!  Cale's one year old molars are coming in and I think it's been a little painful.  After dinner, played in the backyard and Cale got his first taste of a fudgecicle.  Because he can't quite hold the stick on a fudgecicle, I stuck it into a "mesh pop".  He LOVED it!

Saturday morning, we woke up ready to party!  We decided not to do a big party for Cale's first birthday for many reasons, and I'm so thankful we did.  My parents and my sister, Courtney, and her boyfriend, Brett, came in town to celebrate.

 The burlap sign I made for the door.

This banner is a string of pictures from each month of Cale's life.  It was so fun to look at pictures side by side and see how much he has changed in one year!

This birthday banner hung over the food buffet!

The menu:  burgers, chicken and veggies on the grill, fruit salad, chips, chocolate cupcakes and "one" sugar cookies....EASY!

Cale was so excited to eat outside!

He tried dill pickles for the first time...

...and absolutely loved them!

After lunch, we gave Cale his own cupcake.  He wasn't too sure at first, but after getting a little taste of the chocolate icing, went. to. town!  He loved it!

Before and after lunch (we did two rounds), Cale opened some presents.  He loved them all!

He got some great new toy cars, a bubble machine, some pajamas, and a new backpack, just to name a few!

And, on top of all the fun presents he opened, he got two BIG presents!

Adam & I and my parents got him this play set....

And, his Aunt Cookie got him this trampoline!  It was a huge hit!

He loved bouncing on the trampoline with the balls!

Aunt Cookie and Brett with Cale

Adam's parents weren't able to come from Louisiana to celebrate with us, but Adam's step-father, David, built Cale a picnic table for the backyard.  We are so excited for him to have this for years to come!  

Overall, the weekend was a success!  We are thankful for our little boy and the year of joy that he has brought us!  We are looking forward this next year, and can't wait to see him continue to discover new things and become his own little person!  


Happy First Birthday, Cale Cooper!

We just can't get enough of you!

More to come...