Thanksgiving & Christmas 2013

Since Libby was born just a few weeks before Thanksgiving, we knew that our holiday season would be spent at home, doing very low-key celebrations!  It was kinda nice that it worked out that way.  I had 95% of my Christmas shopping done before Libby arrived and we had a perfect "excuse" to keep our pace slow!

We enjoyed lots of days inside, and Cale thought Christmas had come early, thanks to all of our sweet friends who brought him "big brother gifts" when they came to meet Libby!

I had my first experience playing dress up with my little girl on Thanksgiving Day!  She wore her first "real" outfit to our Thanksgiving lunch at my parents house :)

Cale loved the change of scenery that my parents house provided, but he quickly changed his mind about spending the night there when it was time to actually lay down and sleep.  The boy likes his own bed!

Here is our Thanksgiving crew.  Just our little family, doing our low-key things, enjoying the time we had toghether...

And since Thanksgiving was so late, we didn't wait too long before we pulled out the Christmas outfits!  My word, dressing a girl is so much fun!

Since our fake tree, that we had purchased our first year of marriage, bit the dust last year, I thought this may be a good year to try a real tree in our house.  Libby and I dropped Cale off at Mother's Day Out and headed to Lowe's to purchase a tree.  I hadn't really thought about the fact that I was going to have to somehow get that tree off of the top of my car when I got home, since I could not drive around with it all day!  So, three weeks after my c-section, our neighbors probably stared in disbelief from their windows as I man handled that tree off the top of my car and into our house.  When Adam heard what I had done, he wasn't sure if he should be angry or impressed!

On Christmas Eve, we attended an early church service and then headed to Honey and Chiefs house for dinner.

Cale gave us a concert in his Christmas PJ's!

Christmas morning, we woke up at our house, enjoyed some family time, and then packed up and headed to my parent's house to open some presents.  Courtney and Brett had to stay in KC for Christmas, since Court was on call at the hospital.  We were sad to not have them there with us, but we got a second round of Christmas when they came to Dallas a week later!  Sad to say, I don't have any pics to document Christmas morning...I'm sure it's because we were more focused on being "in" the moment, than documenting the moment (at least that's what I tell myself to feel better!)

The next evening, we went on a carriage ride around some neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights.  In true Cale form, he wanted nothing to do with it at first, but once he was on it, he loved it!  The pics are blurry, but at least we have some!

We are looking forward to 2014 and all of the adventures in store!  Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful 2013 full of much growth, many blessings, and lots of memories!


2013 Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from the Coopers!