Destin 2013

At the end of August, my parents planned a VERY spontaneous trip to Destin, Florida, and invited us to go!  How could we turn that down?  Cale had never seen the beach before, and we just knew he would love it!  

When we got to the airport, Cale practiced lounging in the display chairs...

We made it to our condo, and hit the beach pretty quickly.  Cale was in awe of the ocean and the sand that stretched for miles!

He got right to work with his construction equipment.  That was hours of entertainment!

We ended up overlapping our trip with some precious friends that my family vacationed with when I was growing up.  Now we're grown up there are grandkids in the bunch!  Jack (Kristen's little boy) is only 8 weeks older than Cale.  We had such fun with the introduction, reunion, and great time with the Carrolls!

The boys hit it off immediately, and became great play buddies!  They had a great time playing football in the sand!

Here is a family pic of part of the Carroll Clan.  Kristen is married to Jonathan, whom I was science lab partners with in college.  I knew each of them individually, before they ever knew each other!  Small world!  

We enjoyed our daily trips to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, which was right down the road!

Cale stayed pretty busy on the beach...

Digging holes...

Playing catch...

and feeding the birds...

...that sometimes got a little TOO close for comfort!!

We loved spending time with Honey and Chief outside of Dallas!

Adam and Cale had a father/son date to Bass Pro.  Cale loved it!

We ate a few breakfasts at a local restaurant called The Donut Hole.  It was delish!!

The last night, we all met up at a seafood restaurant for dinner and then grabbed ice cream together!  It was so much fun to overlap our time with such great friends!

Because of our return flight time, Cale missed his nap the last day we were there.  It didn't take long after we had boarded the plane...

...for his eyes to become soooooo heavy.

We had such a great time, but unfortunately, Aunt Cookie and Uncle Brett weren't able to join us.  We're already looking forward to another trip back, next year, with the whole family!!