Spring & Summer Months

With Adam working some long days, we took several bike rides after bath time.  Anything to kill those few minutes until Daddy got home!  Cale and Libby love bike rides!

Of course, we have had lots of time in the backyard playing every sport imaginable!

Cale and Adam went to a Mother's Day Home Depot workshop, where he made a flower pot holder for me. :)

One afternoon, Cale was "reading" Libby our wedding album, and I overheard him say, "Libby, Mommy & Daddy are married and they love each other so much, and so they had a wedding".  So sweet.

We had some chill time.

...and some play time!

Libby is LOVING the swing!!

...and time with her Aunt Cookie!

Cale has enjoyed his sports class at the Little Gym this summer!  Grayson was one of his buddies that he was in class with, and they loved Mr. Jesse, their teacher!

Cale finished Mother's Day Out in May.  He loved Ms. Miriam so much, and it was a bittersweet departure.  Thankful for the downtime in summer though!

Adam's parents were finally able to come visit in May.  We had fun having them in town, and Cale and Libby loved their time with Nana & PawPaw.

Libby and Cale have LOVED the pool this summer.  My babies are water babies!!

In the middle of summer, Honey & Chief's pool was finished, so we've really been able to log some pool hours!  Cale was so excited, he got in while it was first filling up!

Pool time at Honey & Chief's usually led to bath time at Honey & Chief's house...

We made a trip to the local firehouse, where Cale and some of his buddies were able to tour a fire engine and an ambulance.  This was a total highlight for these three year old boys!

SMU hosted a movie night on their football field for families, and since Adam was out of town on a fishing trip, we decided to make it an adventure with friends.  We had so much fun picnicking on the 50 yard line, watching Toy Story, and playing football.  It really did become an adventure when Cale temporarily went MIA and sent this momma into a full panic!  Thankfully, he had followed one of his buddies and his buddy's dad over to the bounce house and was busy playing in there.  We had a major conversation about telling me where he's going before taking off!  I just imagined the call I thought I was going to have to make to Adam telling him I had lost one of our children.  Ugh.  

Cale is becoming a budding artist, spending lots of time drawing and painting!  This day, he had drawn me ladybug.

In June, my two best friends from college, Kiplyn and Allison, brought their youngest babes to Dallas for a girls/babies weekend.  All of our youngest babies are within 4.5 months of each other, so it was so  fun to all hang out and be on the same schedule together.

We ventured out a few times and all loaded up in Al's minivan.  Three adults and three carseats.  I'm tellin' ya, I've become a believer in minivans, after that weekend!

Cale loves making silly faces - all the time!

...and wearing his sister's bows :)

...and daddy's glasses and physical therapy band as a headband

...and taking Libby for rides on the pool rocket

...and teaching Libby how to ride the Y-Bike.

Cale & his buddy, Emma, got to play once a week this summer, and boy did they have fun!  They went to swim lessons together (three carseats across)

played in the slip n' slide...

and "decorated", as they called it, our house.  Look closely.  That is basically everything from every room in one little area.  I just had to look the other way.  I got some anxiety thinking about the pick up process, but thankfully, they did a great job picking it up on their own! Whew!

(yes, those are my dish towels on the floor)

(and the picture frames from around our house)

We got pretty creative with our outings when the heat really hit, and spent some time at the Galleria, where they have a great indoor play area!

And on one "cooler" morning, we even ventured out to Klyde Warren Park to have lunch from the food trucks and enjoy the activities at that park.

And of course, July brought the 4th of July parade!  Cale really got into it this year!

We saw the Moore's on one of the floats!

That night, Cale and I met up with Tracy and Grayson and watched fireworks.  It was Cale's first year to stay up late and watch them.  He loved it.

Libby tasted her first pickle.  What is it about my kids and their love for pickles?!

Cale had his first ice cream CONE.  No, we haven't deprived our son from having ice cream for the past three years, it's just that he had never experienced it on a cone! :)

We met some friends for a picnic at a splash park...

In August, we took Cale to the Ringling Bros. circus.  He was AMAZED by it all!

So were Aunt Cookie and Uncle Brett.  Ha!

Cale had his second visit to the dentist, and first cleaning.  He did so great.  I was so proud of him, and NO cavities!  Yay!

We had a neighbor friend over to play one night and it turned into a bath party!

We took a trip to the flight museum and had so much fun touring the old airplanes and playing in the play area!

That about sums up our summer!  Fast, furious, and fun!!