7.16.11 - Four Months Old!

Weight:  15lbs. 15oz. (75th percentile)
Height:  26" (89th percentile)
Head Circumference:  42cm (50th percentile)

Well, another month has passed by quickly!  I can't believe Cale has been  in our family for four months now.  Those really difficult first few weeks seem like years ago!  Cale is becoming such a little boy with his little personality coming out more and more each day.  As of now, he definitely looks more like me as a baby.  Even his dark hair is a Kreul trait - my little sister was born with the same dark hair.  I'm sure as he continues to get older, we will see more of Adam's features in him.  As for personality, he seems to be a mix of both of us.  He has a very serious side, like Adam, and concentrates diligently on things.  He WILL NOT sleep in his car seat, his stroller, or on our shoulders (which leaves his crib or pack 'n play), because usually when he is in his car seat, his stroller, or on on of our shoulders, there is WAY too much going on for him to miss.  He wants to be apart of it all.  He gets that from me - social butterfly...

In Cale's fourth month...

He found his toes!  Now, he rarely lets go of them!

Everything has started to go in his mouth...including those fingers!  Fortunately, he still has not found his thumb and he only sucks his fingers on occasion.

He has started to read books...literally.  When I read a book to him, he likes to join in.  
Video to come.

He has started grabbing at things - EVERYthing!

He has decided he loves his Lovey.  Usually, it covers his face when he sleeps.

He learned to roll from back to tummy!

He has decided on a favorite toy - his keys!

This past weekend, Adam's mom, Danon, and her friend, Dorothy, came to visit.  

Adam's mom was playing with Cale and he started cracking up - I mean, a full belly laugh!  As soon as I can get it on video, I'll post it.  His laugh is precious!!

And, just for a little Cale-ism...

This is how he drinks his bottle.  Hand over the eyes, eyes closed.  It cracks us up!


  1. I love all the pictures, he is so cute and grown up :)

  2. He looks like a 2 year old in those first two pictures!! He's so sweet! I love the dramatic hand over the eyes pose with the bottle! Robby would do that, too! Enjoy every little phase because before you know it, he'll be on to something new!