1.16.12 - Ten Months Old

Our boy is becoming more active by the minute!  He has mastered the speed crawl, standing, walking while holding our hands, and he is starting to "cruise" around furniture and toys. 

 He has also started "talking" a lot more.  He talks to himself before he falls asleep for every nap and at bedtime.  Whenever he hears us say "uh oh", he replies with "Uh!" and waits for us to say "Oh!"....then he repeats it over and over.  He says "LaLa" for ball and LOVES to roll the ball back and forth to us! 

He makes the most hysterical faces.  He loves cutting his eyes at us and blinking fast, just to make us laugh!

 He loves playing with friends (and girlfriend) and watching older kids.  He loves going out to eat, because of all the people watching he can do!  We are so thankful for this boy - he brings us such joy every day!  Most of the time, I'm completely wiped out by 8pm when he goes to bed, but I would't trade this life for anything!  I mean, who can resist this smile?!?! :)

We love you Cale Cooper!!

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  1. Sweet boy! He is SO big!! Ya'll need to make a trip down here to see us so our boys can play! :-)