3.16.12 - Twelve Months Old! Cale's 1 Year Stats

Well, I've posted everything about Cale's birthday except for his stats and the things he is doing these days...so, here we go!

Length:  31.5" (90th%)
Weight: 23.8lbs (50-75th%)
Head Circumference (50-75%)

Cale has learned a lot of new things this month.
He loves to clap!  He gets so excited about it.  The picture below of him clapping.  Of course, one of our babysitters, Lydia, took this...he was soooo happy!  He does love her!

Cale is pushing toys and cruising along everything, but has yet to take steps on his own.  Our cautious boy wants to make sure he is securely holding something before he takes steps!

He understands so much of what we say.  He gets excited when we talk about going outside or swinging.  He has started to throw a fit if we come inside before he is ready, or if we take something away that he wants to play with.  He has become sneaky, by cutting his eyes over us before touching something that we've told him not to touch.  He says, "Uh Oh", "Ball" & "Book".  We have a CD call "Hide 'Em In Your Heart", which are Bible verses put to music.  There is one song that says, "God loves a cheerful giver, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.  Now, when Cale hears the song, or when someone sings the first part, he will start bouncing and saying, "ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha"...it melts my heart!  

He truly is becoming such a big boy!

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