Deep In the Heart of Texas

I was going to lump these pictures in with Cale's 13 month post, but I just couldn't.  I feel these pictures deserve a post of their own.

If you aren't from Texas, you might have a bit of a bad taste in your mouth about the amount of "Texas Pride" that oozes out of Texan you meet.  If you are a Texan, you know why that Texas pride oozes from you!  It is hard to live in Texas and not fall in love.  I was born in Dallas, but moved from Texas when I was 4.  I didn't return until 2006, right after Adam and I got married.  After being here 6 years, I can safely say that it would be hard to leave this great state.  Even Adam, who never left his home state of Louisiana until we moved here, loves the bumper sticker that reads, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!".  The reasons our hearts love this state are too many to name, but among the extensive list is the breathtaking springtime fields of the state flower - The Texas Bluebonnet.  These bluebonnets run rampant throughout the hill country, and find there way up to North Texas, where they are spattered randomly along the sides of highways and throughout parks.  You can't help but just stop and stare when you spot these fields, because of the way bluebonnets grow.  They don't just pop up by clumps of 2 or 3...they spread and cover fields for miles.  It is really something that is too beautiful to describe.

So, when the bluebonnets started popping up this year, I started envisioning the photo opps!  A few Saturdays ago, my mom and I ventured out with Cale, parked near a highway (don't worry, we found a very safe spot) and plopped Cale right in the middle of the flower masses.  We had so much fun.  I took 198 pictures, narrowed it down to 32 of my favorite, and then finally settled on 3 frameables...

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