A Break from the Texas Heat!

The second week of June, my family traveled to Vail, Colorado for a week.  We had so much fun together, and it was a great break from the 98 degree Texas heat!  The first day of travel for us was long, especially for Cale!  We had to wake him up at 5:45am, load up in a taxi and head to the airport (eating breakfast on the way), and make it through security with all of our "carry ons".  Since we were flying American Airlines, we tried to avoid checking any bags.  We sent our big suitcases with my parents (who were flying the "no baggage fee" airlines, good ole' Southwest), and packed Cale's diaper bag, pack n' play, car seat, stroller, duffel bag, and backpack ALL on the plane with us.  I'm sure we were pretty funny for spectators to watch!  Cale was  a trooper on the airplane, and was totally entertained by the portable DVD players we pulled out half way into the flight! :)

Once we got to Denver, we rented a car and traveled 2 hours to our condo in Vail.  Thankfully, Cale was so exhausted from the crazy morning, he slept in the car almost the entire way to Vail.  

We arrived in Vail, had lunch, and explored Vail Village, just walking distance from our condo.  It was beautiful!  My parents arrived around 4pm and we all grabbed dinner together later that night.  

Cale had a blast running through the streets!

Cale LOVED all of the water fountains all over the village.  Each time we passed one, he wanted to stop and watch...he could have sat there forever!

He was also mesmerized by all of the bronze animal statues that were scattered throughout the village.  He wanted to pet each one! Ha!

Adam spent the next day fly fishing (he was in HEAVEN), while my mom, my dad, Cale, and I explored Vail.  My sister, Courtney, and her boyfriend, Brett, arrived late that evening.The next day, Brett and Adam set off for fly fishing, and my sister, mom and I went to an incredible spa and had a little pampering time!  We had so much fun!  My dad was in heaven, as he was on Cale duty of the day!  We all met back up that evening and grabbed dinner.

The last day we were there, my mom, dad, sister, and Brett all went white water rafting for the day, so our little family of three got to hang out together.  Cale met some friends at one of the nearby fountains and played with him for a while...

After his afternoon nap, we loaded up and took Cale on his first bike ride.  He really enjoyed it!  

We had great weather all week (the high was 70 degrees) and really enjoyed the low-key feel of just coming and going from the condo during the week.  We are so thankful for the time we got to spend with family and for the extra help we had with Cale! :)  Thanks Mom & Dad for a great trip!

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