2012 In Review

2012 has been a great year for the Cooper family.  We have experienced growth in many areas, and have experienced joy beyond what we could have imagined.

In March, we celebrated Cale's 1st birthday!  It was a sweet day.  We fed the ducks, ate lunch, took naps, and enjoyed time together as a family.  The next day, my parents, sister and Brett came over to eat lunch and celebrate the birthday boy.  He was in heaven with his cupcake and trampoline!

In April, my parents both officially moved to Dallas.  It has been so much fun having them here this year.  Cale loves getting to see them on a regular basis.  They are so close to moving into their new house, which happens to be less than a mile from ours!  When summer hits, they will be wishing that we weren't so close - we will be living at the pool in their backyard!

In May, Adam graduated from Pharmacy school.  That's right, we have a doctor in the house.  This marked the first time in his life that he would not have to study after coming home from work.  We anticipated this to be a positive change for our family, but we really could not begin to imagine how wonderful it has actually been!

In June, we went to Vail with the Kreul family (+Brett).  It was a fun family trip, and having a 15 month old definitely added a new dynamic to our vacation.  We enjoyed being in the mountains,  hiking, biking, and exploring the village.  Cale was enamored with all of the fountains.  

In June, we moved out of our house for renovations.  In July, we moved back in.  We also bought a car and a house within 24 hours of each other.  Ouch.  The house purchase was planned, the car purchase was not.

In September, my sister got engaged!  We are now in the throws of planning a May Kansas City wedding.  We are so excited -  in a few months, be looking for pictures of the cutest ring bearer alive!

In October, we went to visit Adam's family in Louisiana.  This was a great trip, and it happened to be Cale's first visit to Adam's old stompin' grounds!  We enjoyed seeing family and friends.  Cale LOVED all of the land that he could roam around on - like father, like son!

November and December were busy with holiday festivities, but have been pretty routine.  We've enjoyed our "new" life with Adam at home more.  We are thankful for all that we have been given and all that we have learned this year.  We are cherishing these sweet moments with Cale.  I am more thankful than ever to be at home each day with our boy - he is learning so much and I am having a blast watching him grow up.  We are looking forward to 2013 with anticipation.  We know that the Lord is always good and we are trusting him to draw us closer to Him in the coming year.  

We are thankful for our friends and family, who we could not do life without.  For it is all of you who hold us up and help sharpen and encourage us to press on towards the goal.  We are blessed.

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