Cale's Baptism

Last Sunday, Cale was baptized.  Some people have asked why we chose to baptize Cale as a baby and not wait until he made a profession of faith.  We, and our church, see baptism as a "sign and seal of the Covenant" where children are received into the church.  It is a sign that portrays cleansing and forgiveness, with the washing of water,  but it is also a seal, a guarantee, that if the conditions of the Covenant are met, meaning that if the child comes to faith in Jesus Christ, then all of the promises that were made in the New Covenant (New Testament) will be fulfilled in their lives (salvation and eternity with God in Heaven).  This is not an issue that should divide believers who have different views, but I did want to clarify why we chose to baptize Cale now, instead of wait.  It is our hope and prayer that he never knows a day in his life where he doesn't feel Christ's love, and that, in God's perfect timing, Cale will trust in Christ as his Savior.

 After the church service, we had such a fun celebration brunch at our house 
with close friends and family.

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