The Pumpkin Patch & My Own Pumpkin!

Right after Cale was born, we bought a family pass to the Dallas Arboretum.  This is such a fun place to go for picnics and playtime, plus it is the BEST place to take pictures in Dallas!  A few weeks ago, Adam and I took Cale to the pumpkin patch at the Arboretum.  Cale is at the age where everything around him is SO interesting.  He loves to touch and feel everything!  This made taking pictures a bit hard...we couldn't get him to look at us or smile because he was so focused on everything and everyone around us.  
Here are some of the pictures we did get...

He loves looking at his Daddy!

As a side note, the little black gingham monogrammed jon-jon he is wearing is my first attempt at making an outfit for him.  I thought it turned out okay for my first shot...just don't look too close! :)

Lately, pinterest has become a bit addictive for me.  My mom is hooked too.  One night, I got an email from my mom with a link to a pinterest idea.  When I saw it, I knew we had to do it!  So, a few days later, my mom came in town and we had a little fun with Cale while Adam was at work.  You see, we had to do this while Adam was at work, because Adam has a major issue with pumpkins.  He doesn't like anything baked/cooked with pumpkin, he doesn't like the smell of pumpkins, and worst of all for him is the inside of a pumpkin....just thinking about it gives him the heebie-jeebies!  
Look below for the product of our pinterest project...

"What in the world did you put me in, Mom?"

"I think this is pretty fun!"

"I'm going to pretend (for Daddy's sake) that I want out of here!"

"Really, Mom??"

And just for the record, yes, he did have a diaper on, and yes, we did take him straight to the bath after the photo shoot!

Happy Fall, Yall!!