12.16.2011 - Nine Months Old

Silly Boy!

Weight:  20 lbs (50th percentile)
Height: 29.25 inches (85th percentile)

What a big boy we have!  Cale is definitely transitioning from baby to toddler.  I know we have a few more months before we can officially call him a toddler, but he has adopted some toddler tendencies this past month!  He has started babbling a lot more and often likes to join in on any conversation that is happening around him.  He has become very social and LOVES going to the YMCA childcare every morning while I work out.  He has made friends with all of the workers in there.  He has definite opinions about a few things - like having his diaper changed...he does NOT like it.  He gets very frustrated when I tell him "no".  He knows exactly what "no" means, and SOMETIMES chooses to obey, sometimes not.  I told someone last week, Adam and I are really having to parent now!  Cale is showing us his little will and he likes to exert it often!  So, here we go.  The start of "training him up in the way he should go"(Psalm 22:6).  Above his bed, I painted a canvas with the verse, "Teach me Your ways and direct my paths, for there I will find delight"(Psalm 27:11).  As we enter a new season of Cale, Adam and I are praying that we can direct Cale to the path of righteousness, and that he will see, at a young age, his need for his Savior, Jesus Christ.  

And now, for some pictures...

Cale has been crawling around like crazy.  Sometimes it's an army crawl and sometimes it's a full-on crawl, but none-the-less, he is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.  It's been fun and exhausting, all at the same time!  Recently, he's starting pulling up and climbing on things.  He's taken a few tumbles, but he shakes it off pretty easily, thank goodness!

Bath time is still one of Cale's favorite times of the day!  When we turn the water on, he gets so excited and crawls into the bathroom!  Then, he stands at the bathtub, waiting for the tub to fill up.  He can't get into the tub fast enough!

Cale's active nature even carries over to his sleep.  The positions he sleeps in are hysterical.  Recently, he fell asleep sitting up... I don't know how that was comfortable!

It's gotten a little chillier here in Dallas, and so he's been bundled up during the day.  He loves his hat...and I think he looks pretty cute in it! :)

Cale has starting recognizing himself in pictures and videos.  He loves to see pictures of himself, look in the mirror, and watch videos of himself.  In this video, he realized he's watching himself and starts to make faces - it just cracks him up!

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