2011 In Review

It's been a big year in the Cooper home!  We are thankful for all of the blessings we have received & the trials we have endured, as both have strengthened us, sharpened us, and renewed our faith in our Living and Holy God who is constantly reminding us that He IS in control.  All the time.  In everything.

2011 started out with the excitement and anticipation of Baby Cooper making his or her (we didn't know at the time) debut in the coming months.  January was busy for me at work, as the teacher who eventually took over my class (when I had Cale) started training in the classroom.  It was a blessing to have her in the classroom as my tummy continued to grow and it became harder for me to menuver around the room!  
In February, I celebrated my 29th birthday - the last year in my 20's!  This was also my last month to teach.  It was a bittersweet goodbye, as I was leaving my "family" of five years.  I'm happy to say that they have found little jobs for me to do from home, so I do manage to stay connected at Providence...it makes my heart happy to still feel a part of that precious place....BUT, I am SO thankful to be at home with Cale full-time.  I cherish our days together - as I watch him change on a daily basis, I am reminded that these moments are fleeting and I try to soak them all in!
In March, we welcomed Cale Richard Cooper into this world.  We had lots of help with friends and family in and out of our house and I didn't have to think about a meal until May - our church provided meals for us for almost 2 months.  What a blessing that was!
In April, Adam & I celebrated our 6 year anniversary by going on a date, with two-week-old Cale in tow!  He barely made a peep, and we loved having him with us to celebrate!
In May, Adam celebrated his 30th birthday.  Since we had a newborn in the house (if you've read the previous blog posts, you know that this was right around the time all chaos broke loose in our house with Cale), this birthday celebration looked a little different than in years past, but we did celebrate, nonetheless!  We also traveled to Fayetteville, Arkansas to watch my sister, Courtney, graduate from the U of A!
In June, Adam begin his fourth and FINAL year of Pharmacy School.  The countdown had begun!  We also traveled to Kansas City and Cale made his debut to all of our friends there!  He also took his first plane ride!
For most of the Fall, we slowed down a bit, as Adam's school work picked up.  He spent many hours on rotations, studying for tests, and doing school projects, all while trying to find the balance of spending time with his family.  He did a great job of dividing his time and attention, as it was NOT easy for him to be away from his family!
In November, we traveled to Mississippi to spend Thanksgiving with Adam's family.  We planned to spend several days there, but our trip was cut short because of illness, and we were sad to have to return to Dallas sooner than expected.  I did manage to hit a few of the 12am Black Friday deals though!
On December 16th, we celebrated the fact that Adam has officially finished his final FULL year of school. In 21 weeks, he will officially be Dr. Adam Cooper, PharmD (but who's counting!).  We are so thankful for the two week break that we have together before diving back into the home stretch of school.  We are spending Christmas with my family in Kansas City this year.  This is a bittersweet trip for us, as this is the last Christmas that we will spend together as a family in Kansas City.  My dad started commuting to work in Dallas this past March, and my mom and dad will be moving to Dallas in April.  My sister is currently in graduate school in Kansas City, but we're hoping that she will end up in Dallas after she graduates!  What a treat that would be!  
We are approaching 2012 with excitement, as we have many big events on the horizon!  Cale's first birthday, my parents move, and of course, the most anticipated event in our family, Adam's graduation!  We hope that your 2012 is filled with joy, and that above all, you see Christ's work in your life.  We would love to hear from you - please leave a comment or send us an email!  

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Adam, Kasie & Cale Cooper (and Mickelson, too!)

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