Norman 2012

Last week, Cale and I traveled to Norman, Oklahoma to attend our 2nd annual Momapalooza week.  I just made that title up, but it really fits.  We met up with my best friends from college, Kiplyn and Allison, and their children, to spend a week together.  Allison's parents live in Norman, and this is the second year they have graciously opened their home to us...they are brave.  This year, there were 5 kids, ages 5 and under.  It was a little bit of chaos and a whole lot of fun!  When we made the trip last year, Cale was only 5 months old.  What a difference a year makes!  We had so much fun lounging by the pool and making Sonic runs during nap time.  We did NOTHING, yet it was such a sweet time.

 Cale loved exploring the back yard between dips in the pool.  Now that he is a confident walker (runner), he loves exerting his independence...

He loves to RUN!

Since Route 44 Sonic drinks became a daily appearance, Cale scored big time on the ice that he LOVES oh, so much.  He worked hard to master the "no hands" approach.

The "big girls" loved playing with the boys.  Lucy was so helpful with Cale.  She was precious and always willing to watch him or play with him.  

Amelia was very into dumping water by the gallon on top of the older boys, and the boys loved it.  They begged for more after each dump!  Cale, on the other hand, didn't want anything to do with the dousing.  Ha!

So... he set out on a backyard expedition, making sure to steer clear of the "car (people) wash" that was in business poolside.  What is it about boys and their love for being naked?!?

Cale absolutely adored his older friends.  Cooper was just old enough to understand that Cale was younger and he played so sweetly with him...

And when I say sweetly, it was still very much total boy play...

Just when you think the the little guy might dominate...

The bigger guy takes charge!  Cale loved when Cooper tackled him.  After that play session, when he would see Cooper, he would lay down in hopes that Cooper would come over and wrestle with him...oh, boys!

And of course, we had to take the annual bench pic.  



Cale was a bit happier when he wasn't been forced to sit...

Wow! How much they have all grown in one year!

After breakfast on the fourth day, we hit the road to head home.
Cale started out pretty perky...

But that only lasted 20 minutes...

We had anticipated the trip for so long, and were so anxious to spend a week among these precious friends.  The week was better than I could have imagined...dreamy, really.  Amongst the chaos of kids, the moms found time to reconnect, share our hearts, encourage one another, and remember why even after 10 years, we don't skip a beat with each other.  Oh, how I cherish these women in my life!!  Can't wait until next summer!


  1. What a fun trip!! Cale is looking so much older! Our boys are just growing too fast :)

  2. Cale looks SO different!! He is getting big!!