17 Months

Cale is growing up so fast!  We can't believe our eyes and ears.  Each day brings new facial expressions, new skills, new words, and new discoveries.  I cannot believe how much he has learned this month.  
-can kick a ball
-can throw the dogs toys for them to go fetch
-"snaps" when he hears music 
-shakes his head "no"
-helps me vacuum and sweep...he knows the carpet gets vacuumed and the hardwood floors get swept!
-turns the TV on and off with the remote (not sure how proud I am of that one! Ha!)
-gets his shoes and brings them to us when we ask
-blows kisses and says "bye bye" to people when they leave
-knows what sounds a pig, duck, dog, and fish make
-knows how to "brush" his teeth by himself
-can say lots of words!  Mommy, Daddy, Cookie, cracker, more, mow, bye bye, banana, wow, whoa, uh oh, and several that I am blanking on right now...

He is wearing all 2T clothes...such a tall boy!  He has become more of a snuggle bug and loves to sit on the couch and watch Hide 'Em In Your Heart or Kidsongs when he wakes up from naps.  He still takes two naps each day, but we'll start working on transitioning to one nap very soon!  He will start Mother's Day Out at the end of the this month, and will go to "school" from 9-12 on Fridays.  I know Cale will LOVE the social interaction of being with other children, since he is a social little guy!  I wonder where he gets that from!?! :)  He loves the park and all things that allow him to run and explore.  He loves visiting his Daddy at work, and runs to the back of the store where he knows Adam is working...he's even become bold enough to go behind the pharmacy counter to get to Adam (and snatch a few empty medicine bottles along the way).  Last week, we got in a car accident (no one was hurt), and when we bumped, Cale yelled out "Whoa!!!".  I guess he thought we were on a roller coaster...I wish.  Cale is a handful, but the most fun handful that I have ever had the privilege of spending my whole day with.  Cale, we are so thankful for you and the joy that you bring us every day!

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