Cale is TWO!!

Cale turned two a few weeks ago, but life has been busy and I'm just now able to post this!

Adam's parents came in town for Cale's birthday, along with my sister & Brett.  We woke up on Saturday morning and headed to the Arboretum.  Since Cale was born during Spring Break week in Dallas, I have a feeling that we will always be fighting crowds when celebrating his birthday.  This day was no different - everyone in Dallas thought it would be fun to visit the Arboretum!  Thankfully, we got there early and valet parked.  That made all the difference!!

Cale kinda has a thing for Brett.  He loves his whole family, but there is something about Brett that Cale just adores.  Maybe it's just because Brett is so much fun!

We found an open space and put down the picnic blanket, unpacked our Jersey Mike's sandwiches and brought out the frisbee and ball!  Cale was having too much fun and barely ate his lunch!

After about 2 hours at the arboretum, we decided to head back to our house and continue the celebration!

This was Cale's first year to blow out his own birthday candle!  We re lit it twice because he loved it so much!

 After cupcakes, we began the present extravaganza!

Cale loved his day.  He loved being with family, he loved his cupcakes, and he loved opening his presents!  

He is officially a toddler - and he reminds me of that every day by running circles around me!  His sentences are becoming longer, his emotions are becoming stronger, and his personality is becoming much more defined.  Here are some Cale-ism's as of late:
- Anything that is his (or he wants to be his) he says "Cale's turn", instead of "mine".
- He tells us when he needs his diaper changed a bit more consistently (uh oh!  Potty Training time?)
- He still is attached to his lovey, but he has recently become attached to 2 blankets at bedtime - instead of saying "blankie", he calls them "mbonkey".
- He got a golf set for his birthday and LOVES to play with it in the backyard.  When he hits the ball, he yells, "BOOM!!!!"
- He wants to do EVERYTHING by himself
-He loves to "fix" things with his Daddy's tools
- He loves to color, paint, and string beads 
- He also loves his blocks and Tinker Toys (little engineer)
- He loves to tell us when he wants to pray - then squenches his eyes closed tightly (but still tries to peek to see if our eyes are closed too)
-His favorite songs are "The Wheels on the Bus" and "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

It's hard to believe that Cale is staring his third year of life!  We are so thankful for him and the joy he brings to our house!

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  1. He is looking so grown up!! Yay for our growing boys :)