Easter 2013

He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!
We had a great Easter celebration!  Cale has been learning so much in BSF and Sunday school this year, so Jesus dying on the cross for us was not a new truth for him.  We have been teaching him about Jesus, who is God, and how he came to live a perfect life on earth, and pay the ultimate sacrifice for those whom he loves, by dying on the cross.  Cale loves to point out crosses whenever he sees them...driving down the road, in people's houses, at church, etc...  He always follows it with "Jesus sleeping", since most pictures he has seen of Jesus on the cross have Jesus' eyes closed.  At age 2, we go with the sleeping idea.  So, when Easter Sunday came, we were so excited to take Cale to church and celebrate the Risen Lamb!  

We brought Cale with us to the "big service", since there was sure to be wonderful hymns sung, and Cale does love listening to hymns.  Funny, the choir and instruments were so grandiose, that Cale got a little scared, but soon calmed down and was able to enjoy the music!  After the first part of the service, we took Cale to his Sunday School class, where they celebrated Jesus' resurrection 2-year-old style!

After church, we went to brunch at Breadwinner's Cafe, at Northpark Mall.  We love this location, because on their patio, they have a huge wooden connect four game and a bean bag toss, and there is a huge courtyard that the patio overlooks.  This was perfect for Cale, as he was able to play and burn off some energy while we waited for our meal.

After mealtime was nap time, and after nap time was...

Cale's First Easter Egg Hunt!!

He woke up from his nap and immediately spotted his Easter basket full of goodies!

Of course, he went straight for the candy...

And after that, we headed straight outside to see what we could find...

Once Cale discovered that some of the eggs were filled with candy, the hunting process became more tedious...

By egg 5-6, he had the hunting process down and loved finding more and more eggs!

He was such a diligent little egg hunter - focused and strategic in his tactic! :)  Looking forward to  many more egg hunts, and most of all, continuing to teach Cale about the the awe and gratitude that Easter should bring.  Our prayer is that as Cale gets older, and understands in depth the great sacrifice that Christ made for us and for him, that he too will place his faith in Christ alone and follow Him all the days of his life.  And then, he will grasp the true significance of how glorious the celebration of Easter really is - the day we celebrate Jesus CONQUERING death, once and for all!  Hallelujah!!

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