Oh, How The Years Go By...

"Some people come into our lives
and leave footprints on our hearts
and we are never the same..."

I went to the University of Arkansas, planning to join a sorority - actually, I chose the University of Arkansas BECAUSE of the sororities (a little shallow, I know).  I was completely devestated and in total shock when, on bid day my freshman year, all of my plans crumbled.  The sorority I just KNEW I would be in did not offer me a bid.  I immediately started making plans to transfer schools (drastic, I know), but thankfullly, got involved in a campus ministry and plugged-in with some friends that helped me to realize that there was life outside of sororities at the Universtiy of Arkansas.  My sophomore year, I went through rush again, but this time with a very different purpose.  I guess you could say that my mindset going into rush was much more ministry focused.  Funny thing, I ended up getting a bid from a great house, but a house that had the reputation of being one of the "wildest" houses on campus, nonetheless.  

My junior year, I was asked to live in a five-girl room in the house.  I didn't know any of the girls I was going to live with well.  Two were in the pledge class above me, but were my age.  After moving all of our stuff in the first night, we went on a sonic run.  That is where it all started. 

Within two weeks, we were pretty connected at the hip, doing most everything together.  If someone would have told me then that I would meet my do-life-together, go-through-everything-with-you, be-in-eachothers-weddings, raise-our-kids-together, sister-like, best friends in a crazy sorority house, I would have never believed them.  

Here we are, ten years later.  We have lived together, we have hurt eachothers feelings, we have learned to forgive, we have learned that sometimes it's better not to live together, we have laughed 'til we cried, we have cried together, we have watched eachother fall in love, we have walked though breakups and heartbreak together, we have graduated college together, we have moved away from eachother, we have stood next to eachother at all three of our weddings, we have traveled the world together, we have spent many nights on 3-way together, we have helped eachother better understand our husbands, we have waited at the hospital to welcome eachothers babies into the world, we have begun to raise our children together, and we have done most of this at a distance.  I know that friendships like these don't come along often, and I am forever grateful for these girls.  I can't  imagine life my without them.

Fall 2002 - Norman, Oklahoma

Kiplyn & Kasie - Gamma Chis during 2003 Rush

Fall 2002

Kiplyn & Allison - London - Winter 2006

Kiplyn & Kasie - Spring 2004

Senior Cruise - 2004

Kansas City - 2005

Kiplyn & Kasie - Graduation 2004
(Allison did graduate, but didn't walk...she was busy planning her wedding!!!)

Jamaica 2004

London 2006

November 2007

January 2011

This past weekend, Allison, Kiplyn and I (with all 5 of our children under the age of 5) met up in Norman, Oklahoma.  We stayed at Allison's parents' house and took full advantage of the pool in the backyard and all of the meals that were cooked for us by Allison's mom.  We talked when we weren't juggling kids during the day (usually during the 20-30 minute nap overlap) and when we put the kids to bed at night, we changed into our pajamas and sat around the living room visiting.  
Here are some pics from our time in Norman...

The view from the other car on the way to Norman...

All around the breakfast table

Life as we know it...

The typical day...


completely exhausted...

wiped out...

Amelia running a little TOO fast...

Kiplyn & Cooper

Me & Cale (after all day at the pool)

Allison & Stewart

The whole gang!
(Cooper, Lucy, Cale, Amelia & Stewart)

Wow, have things changed through the years.  It seems like just yesterday we were staying up talking into the early morning hours.  Now, we can barely keep our eyes open past 10pm.  I'm so thankful that through these seasons of life, I've had these girls by my side.  I look forward to all of the future seasons, knowing our friendship will only continue to grow deeper and stronger.  
Thank you, Lord, for friends that are better than I could've ever asked for or imagined!

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  1. I love this post! What a fun time! I've gotten behind on your blog, so I'm catching up. I laughed at the picture of Cale bailing out of the chair . And, what car seat did you move him into? We still have not done that with Levi and he is 11 1/2 months old!