Buddies From the Beginning!

When Adam was living in Amarillo, Texas for his first two years of Pharmacy School, he had a roommate named Josh.  Right before Adam moved back to Dallas, Josh married Catie - both of them where in school with Adam (just a bit ahead of him).  When I would visit Adam in Amarillo, we would get together with Josh and Catie.  When Adam moved back to Dallas and I became pregnant with Cale, we called Josh and Catie to tell them the news.  A week later, Josh called Adam to tell us their news...Catie was pregnant too!  We realized our due dates were only a week apart!  Catie actually ended up having Gus only six days before I had Cale.  Josh, Catie, and Gus live in west Texas, but luckily, Catie's parents live just 15 minutes from us.  They've come to town a few times since March and they've been so sweet to make time for us!  They were in town over Labor Day weekend, and came over for dinner one night.  Cale and Gus met when they were only three and four weeks old, so this was the first time that they were actually interested in each other.  

This is Gus and Cale when they are 3 & 4 weeks old...

This is Gus and Cale now...

They had fun together!  It was so much fun to watch them - I think they really liked each other!  It will be fun to get together and take pictures of them through the years.

Thank you Josh & Catie for making time for us last weekend - we loved having y'all over!!

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  1. Love the pictures! You will have to email me some :)