9.16.2011 - Six Months Old


Weight: 16 lbs (75th percentile)
Height: 27.75 inches (95th percentile)

Okay.  Time - Stand still!  It seems impossible that Cale is already half of a year old.  That means that he's been in our family for half of a year.  If the next half goes as fast as the last half has gone, we will be celebrating Cale's first birthday before we know it.  Yikes!

I love this age and season of Cale's life.  He is sitting up on his own, but cannot crawl or walk yet - it is a lovely thing! :)  He is active and alert, but not yet mobile.  I am both excited and secretly dreading the day when he does become mobile - I think that's when I will experience real exhaustion!  For now, I will live in the moment and take in all that is fun and precious about my boy.

This month, he....

Got his two bottom teeth!  They are so cute to look at, but they are very sharp!

Got a highchair and was introduced to Mum Mum's.  These are his favorite things to have for a snack.  I think he likes them because he can eat them on his own!

(just saving some for later...)

Cale had a photo session done last month, and we just got some of the pics back...

This rocking chair was Adam's chair when he was little.

He has also started eating three meals every day, and he can put. it. away.  Cale's personality has really started to come out.  He has shades of both me and Adam.  He loves to be around people (Kasie), but gets worn out easily if there is a lot of commotion or a big crowd making lots of noise (Adam).  He is always wanting to know what's going on around him (Kasie), and he loves to just sit back and watch people in public places (Adam).  Although he is not shy (Kasie), he is most vocal when it is just the three of us together (Adam).  It will be so interesting to see his personality continue to develop!  I love this little guy and am so thankful I get to spend every day with him!

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  1. I love it!! It's so fun to see how he is progressing. And you are SO right, enjoy this time where he's active but not mobile, because when it happens, you're in for some real excitement!! I love that you are able to distinguish the parts of his personality that are yours and Adam's!