This month has been a whirlwind for the Cooper family!  We are currently living with my parents, in their Dallas apartment, while our house is being remodeled over the next four weeks!  We are so excited for all of the new changes that we are making to our house!  

Several months ago, we began looking at houses and entertained the idea of moving.  Since living in Dallas, we have lived in my grandparents old house - a house that they moved into when I was four.  That house is so dear to me, as it holds so many sweet memories from my childhood.  When we moved to Dallas in 2006, my grandparents were living in an assisted living facility, but had not sold their house.  They offered to let us live there while Adam was in school, but it needed some MAJOR work.  Since they house was going to need some work done before it was sold, we decided to make those changes before we moved in.  We have lived there, and loved it.  We have made some great memories, and have felt completely spoiled with our space and our location.  The only downside to the house is that although it is a three bedroom house, it really only functions as a two bedroom house.  The master bedroom was added on after the house was built, and to access that master bedroom, we have to walk through one of the other bedrooms.  We used that "walk-through" room as Cale's nursery for the first six months of his life, but eventually had to move him into our other spare bedroom.  The "walk-through" room also functions as our laundry room.  All that being said, we didn't need more space, we just needed "different" space.  So, we started our house search.  We looked and looked, but quickly became discouraged with the location that we were having to look in or the condition of the houses that we were seeing.  We started thinking through other options and met with a friend of ours that is a General Contractor.  He came up with a plan to move the walls of the bedrooms in our house, to create three full bedrooms and a separate laundry room.  Not only do we get to stay in a house we love, in a location we love, but every change we are making will only help with re-sale later on down the road...if we ever leave! Ha!  

Here are some pics, mid construction...

 Our new master closet

 Our second closet!

 Down the hall

So, my parents are graciously housing us, while our house is under construction!  My mom and dad have both been out of town most of the time we have been living at their apartment, and I have to say, it has felt like a mini location.  We are across the street from a great pool, and walking distance from the mall, Barnes & Noble, and Yogurtland...what more could we want?!  Cale has his own little room, and we have our own space in the guest room.  It really is such a great set up!  We worried how Cale would sleep, since we've been having issues with night terrors, and this was somewhat of a new space for him.  Thankfully, he has slept better at the apartment, than he does at our house!  We are thankful it has been a easy transition for him.  He has LOVED exploring the apartment and has loved playing with the toys that my parents have stashed away for when he comes over.  

Cale loves playing with the pots, pans and tupperware in the kitchen!

More progress pictures to come...


  1. Can't wait to see the final pictures!

  2. I'm so excited to see the progress! We'll have to stop by sometime later this year and see it in person!