Moving Right Along....

Well, construction is moving right along at our house! We are so excited to move back into our house on Sunday! Our contractor has been amazing, and we are moving back in a week AHEAD of schedule!!

This is the hallway. It used to be straight...now, it's zig-zagged and so much more functional!!

This is the floor of our new laundry room!!! I am painting gray and white chevron stripes on the wall, above the beadboard that will go up.

This is Cale's new closet. When it is finished, there will be elfa drawers in it! I LOVE the space we have. We have nearly doubled our space.

This is our bedroom with two new closets and a little entry hallway...LOVE.

And, this is what the other half of our house looks like. ALL of our furniture is behind that plastic.

Finished product pictures to come!

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  1. I can't wait to see pictures of the finished product! I hope the move back in today went well. I miss you!