Our Fourth of July

We were so excited to celebrate the Fourth of July with Cale this year.  He is just getting to the age where is aware of new things and experiences, and gets so excited about them!  We woke up early Wednesday morning and headed out to a local parade that has become quite a Dallas tradition!  We met up with some friends and got great seats, spread out our blanket and had breakfast!  Cale thought that was pretty fun!  

Before the parade reached us, Cale was ready to go explore...

 Before we knew it, we were hearing sirens and horns...the parade was starting!!

Cyclists, cars, and marching bands followed...

Cale had his first push popcicle (at 9:30am) as it started to get a little steamy...

We headed home in time for Cale's morning nap and then headed to our house to see the progress.  Later, we grabbed dinner with friends and enjoyed a low key evening!  It was a fun day, and a day of events that we hope to start making a tradition in the Cooper home!

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