Whew! What a whirlwind!

It has been quite a crazy few weeks in the Cooper home!  Last Wednesday we bought a car.  Last Thursday we bought a house.  And, my two "projects" (that feel like a full-time job right now) both started the same week.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was in a car accident several weeks ago.  Last Monday, we received news that the insurance company had declared my car a total loss (different than what they had been telling us up until that point, so it was a complete shock!) and so started the emotional roller coaster.  Adam and I went to look at cars Monday night, knowing that we wanted to get something a little bigger than my RX330, since we're hoping this car will grow with our family, and our intention is to drive this next car into at the ground!  I was so overwhelmed by the options out there.  After scouring the internet for hours on end, we found an Acura MDX in Houston, that looked like it might be a great fit!  Wednesday, we went and test drove a MDX, and wrote a check for the one in Houston, so they would ship it our way!  My dad and Adam were trying to convince me that this is actually a blessing, because now we have the opportunity to get a car that is a little newer, with fewer miles, and we can get something our family can grow into.  I was pretty set on a white car and I really wanted something that had less than 30k miles.  The Lord plopped a white MDX with 29k miles on it, AND it has a navigation system and DVD player!  What a treat!  Of course, we will not be using the DVD player except for on long road trips, but what a convenience!

As you know from posts throughout the past year, we have been living in my grandparents house.  We moved in when we moved to Dallas in January of 2006 and have lived here ever since.  My grandparents had moved out a few years before we moved to Dallas, as my grandmother had Ahlzheimers and needed full time care.  The house was empty, and had not been taken care of for a few years.  It needed some major work.  We were able to do some major renovations before we moved in, and ended up being a HUGE blessing to us during Adam's years of school.  When Adam was close to graduating, we started looking at houses to purchase, and quickly realized what a gold mine we were siting on!  Not only are we in a great location, but we have a great house!  So, we ended up deciding to stay put for a while and buy this house from my family.  As of last week, we are officially home owners.  Yippee!!

Well, I guess it's safe to say we've grown up a little more.  Making two major purchases is 24 hours will do that to us, I guess.  We're looking forward to a little bit of a slower pace in the month of September!

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