Cale's First Day of Mother's Day Out!

Yesterday was Cale's first day of Mother's Day out.  He will be going to "school" every Friday from 9-Noon.  It happened to be Adam's day off of work today, so he was able to go with me to drop Cale off for his first big day!  He eagerly waited at the front door, ready to jump in the car!

We arrived at school and headed in to meet his classmates.  He was a little unsure at first and cried for a second when we did the hand-off to his teacher, but when I peeked in the window less than one minute later, he was happy and playing!  We left the parking lot, and Adam was super quiet.  He asked how I felt and I started laughing...after seven years of marriage, I knew how to interpret that.  It meant, "I'm not sure how I feel about this".  It made me laugh that the drop off was harder for Adam than it was for me.  Ha!  

I had to go up to Providence School to do some work (for a little side project I have taken on), so Adam picked Cale up from MDO at Noon.  When I got home, I asked Adam how the pick up went.  I guess right before Adam had walked in, Cale was eating lunch and toppled off his chair, causing a bit of a melt down.  Adam walked into the meltdown, which, of course, did not help Adam's heart!  Cale did receive a good report.  His teachers told us that he was very happy and energetic (a.k.a. active, imagine that), and that the only time he got upset was during transitions from the classroom to the playground and then back to the classroom....he loves his classroom and the playground!

So thankful to have a precious school for Cale to attend!  He loves to be around other children, and I think this will be such a great outlet for him!

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