5.16.2011 - Two Months Old

Two Month Stats

Weight:  14 pounds 6 ounces

95th percentile in height
85th percentile in weight
50th percentile in head circumference

Cale loves his bumbo chair!  He loves to sit upright and loves to look around.  He has recently discovered the TV and is mesmerized by it...uh oh!  He has begun talking (cooing) to me and Adam and he loves it when we coo back to him.  He slept through the  night on May 13th.  I had to go wake him up at 7:45!!  When I first woke up, I realized that I had not heard him all night and I flew out of bed to make sure he was still breathing.  I'm sure  I'm not the first mom who has done that.

He is getting stronger everyday.  He loves to push up on his arms and look around.  He has discovered himself in mirrors and gets a HUGE kick out of it.

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