First Road Trip!

In May, my sister, Courtney, graduated from the University of Arkansas.  We were excited to make our first road trip as a family of three.  Thursday morning Adam had class, so I was on a mission to get the car loaded.  I wanted to try and coordinate Cale's nap schedule with the time we left so that he wouldn't be awake and protesting the fact that he was stuck in his car seat for the next 6 hours.  I strapped him to me in the Baby Bjorn and went to work.  Cale seemed to be pretty entertained by the back and forth, inside and outside process that came with packing the car.  Apparently, it also wore him out because he didn't make it to the car seat before he fell asleep.

I was so proud of Cale all weekend!  He slept most of the way to Fayetteville.  He slept great in his pack 'n play at the hotel, and he was so good during all of the graduation festivities.  
He even slept through the night!  Major victory!!

Living in Dallas, Cale doesn't have many long-sleeved clothing items, because, well, we live in Dallas...where it's in the 90's as early as March.  We just happened to be in Fayetteville the weekend a cold front had just come through, and were shocked when the high for the weekend was only 55 degrees - in the middle of May!  Adam and I made a quick run to the mall (which doesn't have much of a kids selection) and found Cale a little cardigan to go over his SLEEVELESS outfit.  When I put it on him, I laughed at how closely he resembled Mr. Rogers...

It was fun to spend time with my family.  

This is a picture of "Bear, "Aunt Cookie", me and Cale before went to lunch on Graduation Day.  "Honey/Sugar/Lady" (the verdict is out on what he will call my mom) was there too...more pictures to come!

All in all, it was a great weekend.  Good to know we conquered the first road trip...now for the first plane trip!  Yikes!

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