6.16.2011 - Three Months Old

Weight: 14lbs, 4oz

Many friends told me that babies become so fun when they are close to three months old - how right they are!  Cale is learning new things every day and he is interacting with us so much!  We have loved watching his face as he discovers something new, sees his face in the mirror, focuses on holding toys and putting them in his mouth, and looking all around at his surroundings.

In his third month of life...

He took his first trip to Cabellas, where Adam showed him  all of the different fishing gear...I think Adam has BIG dreams for future father/son fishing trips!

He has also become quite the drooler...can you see that line of dribble from his mouth to his hand?  Yep, my shirts aren't quite as clean these days!  I'm gratefulwe aren't deeling with spit-up though...I'll take the drool instead!

This was taken with my iphone (sorry about the blurriness) when Cale was playing on my bed one morning.  He loves to lift his head way up and look around.

He is so smiley!  I never thought this day would come!  I'm so thankful for his sweet smiles - I just can't get enough of them!

He LOVES bath time more and more everyday!  Sometimes, I add bubbles for him, because I can't imagine not loving a bubble bath every once in a while.  Adam is concerned I'm creating a diva! :)  Naaaaahhhhh!

He is becomeing quite the little man!  I love his pot belly in this picture.

He is such a joy.  I love my job and am not taking for granted the opportunity to be at home with him everyday.  I would not want to miss any of these moments...

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