I've Caved.

For years I've been following the blogs of friends (to the point that, sometimes, Adam lovingly refers to me as a "blog stalker"), and now I'm taking the plunge.  Since our son, Cale, has arrived, I find myself emailing pictures and videos to family and friends on a weekly basis.  I am compiling pictures for Cale's memory book daily.  I often find myself thinking "oh, I can't forget to write down what happened today!".  So, a blog seemed practical...plus it is a little fun! :)

Those who know me well, know I almost always have a Plan A, Plan B, and usually a Plan C for most everything in life.  I've always known this about myself, but I didn't discover how tightly I tend to hold on to my plans until around March 16, 2011.  That would be the day that Cale entered our world.  Of course, the organized teacher side of me, mixed with the control-freak side of me had a plan.  My child wouldn't cry much, learn to sleep through the night early on, be a great napper, and probably be walking by six months (just kidding).  Well, of course that didn't work.  After WEEKS of Cale screaming for HOURS, he was diagnosed with having a cow's milk protein allergy.  After not much change, he was also diagnosed with silent reflux (the non-spitting-up kind).  What did that mean for me?  Plan A, B, and C all had to fly out the window.  Because of the screaming, my social, go-go-go self couldn't leave the house to go anywhere.  The extrovert in me was climbing the walls.  One night, after handing our screaming son off to Adam and heading to Target, I returned home.  Minutes later, Adam made the comment, "it is amazing how much your countenance changes when you leave the house for an hour."  Because of the reflux, we couldn't "sleep train" Cale (a.k.a., crying it out) like I had planned.  That meant that we were rocking him to bed, sometimes spending an hour putting him down for naps and bedtime.  And because he has "one-cycle-sleep-syndrome", his naps last 30 - 45 minutes, max.  Wow.

Lord, didn't you hear the plan I had?  I know He is just smiling and shaking his head.  You would think I would've learned not to "wrestle" with God by now.  Oh no, it's something I've been doing my whole life.  So, yes, I am a woman with a plan.  I am learning how to allow my plan to fizzle as the Lord directs my steps in this crazy life.  After all, His way is ALWAYS the better way, so I'm learning.

The good news is...Cale has turned a corner and I see the Lord's hand at work in my life.  More to come...

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